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Omega Laboratories Attends United Nations Meeting on Hair Drug Testing

Omega 4/27/2018 Press Release

Omega Laboratories is honored to have participated in a meeting organized by the Institute for Safe Traffic Technologies  and the Brazilian mission hosted at the United Nations in New York to discuss the rapidly growing success of hair drug testing in Brazil. This meeting, which included the presentation of both Brazilian and US statistics, demonstrated the impressive capabilities of hair testing for drugs of abuse, especially in the transportation industry. 

This event was attended by a large number of transportation and drug testing industry experts, including Brazil’s former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso¸ Director of the National Department of Transit (DENATRAN) Maurício Alves.

Two years ago, Brazil implemented a law that required professional drivers pass a hair drug test before receiving or renewing their commercial licenses. According to the Brazilian Federal Highway Police, this change “contributed to a 38% drop in the number of fatal accidents involving trucks on Brazilian federal highways in just the first six months of the requirement.” Furthermore, the data shows that the implementation of this program has also dissuaded a large number of drug users from applying for C, D and E class licenses.   The former President of Brasil addressed the importance of hair testing, stating "We must continue to move forward in this process of modernization. What we are seeing is the implementation of a policy based on technological advances that ensure the public's health and safety."

Omega Laboratories is honored that their Brazilian testing data  was discussed during the presentations and is confident that this continued success for hair testing will lead companies, industries, and countries to recognize and choose hair testing as the superior drug testing method.