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Life Diagnostics Partners with Omega Laboratories to Open a New Laboratory in UAE

Omega 2/21/2023 Press Release

MOGADORE, Ohio, February 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Omega Laboratories ("Omega"), a leading provider of laboratory testing solutions, is proud to announce a new partnership with Life Diagnostics to open state-of-the-art drugs of abuse testing laboratory in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The new laboratory will bring drugs of abuse testing to the MENA region.


The laboratory will incorporate Omega’s years of toxicology experience and its IT solutions, with the leading industry expertise of Life Diagnostics “Life Dx.”, UAE’s fastest-growing diagnostics services provider. The partnership will benefit government authorities, healthcare providers, and private companies within the region by offering high-quality testing, a fast turnaround time for results, and exceptional customer service that Life Dx. has become known for in the UAE.

Life Dx. offers an extensive collection network in the region and Omega brings technical expertise to the partnership, with advanced online reporting and online multi-language custody and control form systems.

“Omega is honored to be partnering with one of the highest quality, fastest growing diagnostic services organizations in the Region,” said Jerry Crosby, President of Omega Laboratories, Inc. “This partnership enables Omega to offer its clients the ability to have quality testing done in the region, saving time and cost in testing and reporting”.”

 “Life Dx. is proud to offer drugs of abuse testing through Omega Labs in our new Toxicology center in UAE,” said Hosam Found, CEO of Life Dx. “We believe in providing the most cost-effective and unique diagnostic services to patients and healthcare providers in the region.”

 This cooperative laboratory has been specifically designed to provide faster delivery options for clients in the UAE while maintaining the consistent quality that Omega and Life Dx. have become known for.